Network & PC Infrastructure

As the Internet grows into every sector of current Business Processes, it also becomes important to not only create a network but to ensure that the valuable business resources are protected from external threats. Ingwapele has the experience and skill to setup new or existing networks to allow your business to grow.

Network Services

Ingwapele offers a host of services for your network:

  • Network Design & Implementation
  • Network Consulting
  • Understand problems and offer the right solutions for public access to your critical information
  • Perform Internet Security audits to ensure confidentiality of our clients’ critical business information
  • Install Internet firewalls & network infrastructure to prevent loss of valuable business information
  • Educate importance of Internet security and the repercussions of not protecting business information
  • Install complete networking solutions including cabling, hardware and software based on customer requirements
  • Retrofit networks with expanded services & infrastructure due to business growth