Records Management System

Records Management System

The Records Management System is a software product that manages files in an organization. It is made up of the following modules:

  1. Registry Management
    1. Capturing details of all files
    2. Managing file movement, generating file log history for audit trail
    3. Transferring closed files to the Records Centre
  2. Mails Management
    1. Registering of all outgoing mails (hard copy, fax)
    2. Registering of incoming mails (hard copy, fax)
    3. Circulate mail    to    the     Action Officer to act upon
  3. Records Centre Management
    1. Keeping records of documents in the Records Centre
    2. Appraising records for disposal or retention

Transferring records to Archives

Project Financial Administration System

Project Financial Administration System

Project Financial & Administration system is a software application designed to assist Project personnel & management to manage project funds and to produce reports for financiers.
It is a simple to use application that requires basic Computer & Accounting skills.
It includes:

  1. Project Profile

    – captures information about the project

  2. Project Team Members

    – keeps record of those who form or manage the project (e.g. Project Manager, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer etc.)
  3. Expenditure Planning

    – basic business plans can be generated and monitored
  4. Purchasing, Invoicing & Payment

    – captures all purchase orders, invoices received and payments made. Prints purchase order

  5. Project Assets Management

    – keeps records of assets allocated to a project, calculates depreciation and generates asset register report

  6. Petty Cash Management

    – keeps record of the use of Petty Cash

  7. Suppliers Information

    – keeps records of Suppliers

  8. Reports

    – with the capability of exporting them to PDF, Excel, Word & Emailing

Patient Management System

Patient Management System

The Patient Management System is a software product for managing patient information in a Clinic or Hospital. It performs the following functions:

    1. Register all patients
    2. Record out-patient visits
    3. Patient Admission & Management
      1. Treatments given
      2. Medications
      3. Patient condition recording (BP, Temperature )
      4. Discharges
    4. Pharmacy Management
      1. Drug & equipment inventory
      2. Supply of drugs to departments (dispensary and wards)
      3. Inventory & ordering reports
  • Generates statistical reports using ICD10 coding convention (Gender, Age, Profession, Race )